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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Richard Hainer and the entire staff at North Oakland Plastic Surgery are dedicated toward providing state of the art plastic surgical procedures individualized to each patient’s needs and expectations. Some of our more popular plastic surgery procedures include rhinoplasty and facelifts along with breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery and mommy makeovers.

Nipple Reduction


Confidence, comfort, and trust are the guiding principles at North Oakland plastic surgery from the moment one enters the office to the last post-operative visit.


Combining the most modern techniques with an artistic flair, Dr. Hainer strives to address each patients individual needs and desires toward a common goal – to obtain the best possible aesthetic outcome.


For the entire staff at North Oakland Plastic Surgery, the emphasis is toward educating the patient and establishing a relationship based on trust. With trust comes comfort at this Michigan Plastic Surgeon office, and when combined with Dr. Hainer’s surgical skills and artistic vision, leads to a satisfied patient.

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