Body Contouring Procedures in Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township, Lake Orion, Troy, and the rest of Southeast Michigan

Body contouring procedures may be classified into two distinct although often complimentary categories. Nonexcisional body contouring encompasses all forms of liposuction techniques. The fundamental concept to successful liposuction surgery is the elastic potential of the skin. Thick, younger elastic skin has the unlimited potential to “shrink-wrap” after the underlying fatty tissues have been removed. Thin, loose, older, stretched-marked skin lacks the potential to recoil and will therefore appear even looser and saggier after liposuction surgery. It is in this category of patients, those with thin, inelastic, loose skin where “excisional body contouring” is indicated. Excisional body contouring involves surgically excising excess skin and fatty tissues away in patients where the skin does not have the ability to shrink-wrap, including labiaplasty.

Where skin is loose and thin, it will fail to tighten after liposuction, and may even appear looser and baggier. It is in such cases that removal of excess skin is more appropriate than liposuction. In general, liposuction will make you look thinner, while lifts or tucks will make you look younger. Inner arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, and buttocks may lend themselves to either liposuction or lifts. If your problem involves loose skin with poor tone or stretch marks, lifting will work best. If your problem is excess fat with good skin tone, then liposuction is most appropriate. In some patients, a combination may be required. The crucial concept to always remember with lifts is that the tradeoff for a younger, tighter contour is a scar. In general, body lifting procedures are most appropriate for individuals who are of stable weight proportionate to their height and body frame.